Salon Swift ( is a software application for the Hair and Beauty industries.

With Salon Swift you are getting a software system which will streamline your business, help you get and keep organised, reduce your time spent on admin and give your staff the tools they need to reach their goals and targets.

SimplicitySalon Swift was designed and refined over a 5 year period in a real life hair and beauty salon. Many features were designed by the hairdressers themselves! It's understood that when servicing a client, no matter what service you offer, it's hard to shift your mind from creative or caring for your Client to a computer and logical mindset. When you check out a Client with Salon Swift, we have designed the system to be as intuitive as possible, taking simple steps to get the job done as quickly as possible. Large, simple to use buttons, icons that make sense and natural workflow guide you through the system, allowing you to keep talking with your client, get the job done fast and continue working with your Client relationship.

Money Saving

Salon Swift was designed by a salon owner that had two salons operating at the same time. Keeping running costs low whilst maintaining great service is key to success, and we, like you, know this intrinsicly.

Here are just a few of the many ways Salon Swift can save you money:

  • Reduce time spent taking records.
  • Automate many of your day to day salon tasks.
  • Send free email marketing to existing clients.
  • Keep your appointments up to date and organised, minimising no shows.
  • Use our reports to keep on top of product wastage and theft.
  • Find accurate client records quickly and use them in day to day operations.
  • Let Salon Swift work out commissions etc for you, quickly and easily.


Where possible they will have a real local representative in your area that you can talk to face to face for installation, support and training.

If you live in an area where you can't get access to a local representative, they'll be there every step of the way with telephone and internet based support.


Salon Swift has an automated backup system that saves your data to your local hard drive and a removable drive like a USB thumb drive, your iPod or iPhone or any external hard drive.

We have a fully automated backup service that stores your precious data on our secure server just in case. (You do need an internet connection for this)

You can never be too careful with your data and we offer this service for free where most companies charge you extra per week.


Salon Swift believe you should have the very latest version of the software at all times, and why should you have to pay extra for it?!

When you are leasing Salon Swift you get all upgrades included, at no cost, and if you feel you need it, you'll have someone to help you install it. Now that's service!


Don't want to pay $250 an hour for training and support calls?

Most people don't, that's why Salon Swift don't charge you. Depending on your region you will either receive face to face training or telephone based training completely complimentary.

Features include:

Appointment Book Super fast & easy to use appointments

Client Records Automatic information collection of all your Client interactions

Reports Find out how your business is REALLY doing and respond accordingly

Marketing Marketing to your exisiting Clients is one of the smartest ways to increase turnover.

Stock Keep tight control of your

Point of Sale Checkout your Clients quickly and easily.

Client Loyalty Reward your Clients automaticaly

Security Keep your data safe, and choose who you want to access different parts of the software.

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