How To Style Your Waist Length Hair By Creating A Braided Bun


1.) Make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Brush your hair well. Collect it all in one hand at the nape of your neck and use your other hand to wrap a hair rubber band around it as many times as necessary to keep your hair in a snug ponytail.

  • Elastic rubber bands covered in fabric, with no metal to snag your hair are recommended to keep your hair healthy and avoid breaking, tangling and damaging your hair.
  • You can also try a silicone snappy before brushing your hair into a ponytail to allow it to slide more safely through the rubber band.


2.) Braid your ponytail into a three-part braid. Separate the ponytail into three even parts. Cross left over center, then right over center as far down the ponytail as you can until you are running out of hair to work with. At this point, move the ponytail holder down to the bottom of the braid to fasten.

  • You will need to add several wraps of the ponytail holder to secure this section, which will be thinner than the top of the braid.
  • Keep your braid tight as you go along. If some hair is escaping the braid along the way, remove the braid up to that section to collect the hair back in, then continue down the length of the ponytail.


3.) Wrap your braid around itself to create a bun. Starting at the top of the braid, twist and wrap the braid over itself. Continue wrapping along the outside of the last turn as opposed to laying the braid on top of itself to create a nice bun.

  • Push the end of the braid under the bun to hide the rubber band and unbraided tip. Secure this end with a bobby pin by pushing it through the end and into the secured hair along the scalp. The grooved side of the bobby pin should be facing toward your scalp.
  • Secure loose portions of the bun to your scalp with bobby pins until you get the shape you desire and it feels secure.


4.) Decorate your with bun. Use decorative hair accessories, flowers, or even antique hat pins. Push them into your braid in various places to add a little color, sparkle or character.

  • You could also accessorize with headbands and head scarves wrapped around the top of your head or the bun.
  • Try braiding ribbon as you did your braid, then wrapping the ribbon around the bun and tying it into place. This can add color and a little extra security to hold your bun in place, or wrap around any little "fly-aways" which are escaping the braid.


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