Nails are the key to making any woman's hands look delicate and feminine. Every woman enjoys the relaxation of a good manicure. More then that, every woman likes to look fresh and polished. Even if you don't like colored polish, you want your nails to look healthy and strong. There is nothing more frustrating then breaking nails, that split, and look dead. Yes, nails can look dead. Keep your nails hydrated and protected, and feel prettier every time you get a glimpse of your finger tips.

How? Step one: Always keep your nails hydrated when you're not wearing any polish. Barielle has a few nail hydrating products that work well. Try Nail Strengthener Cream or Intensive Nail Renewal Oil.

Step two: Protect your nails. We all know that whether self-inflicted (ie. nail biting, washing dishes without gloves, etc.) or externally influenced (ie. climate, etc.) our nails take a beating, daily. The best protection is a healthy base coat. Try products like Nail Rebuilding Protein or Nail Brightener. I have never tried Revlon Nail Hardner but Revlon products are usually reliable.

Step three: Nail polish! At most salons you can find Essie products. They work well and and usually last a while. It always pays to add a manicure extender. The color choice will make a big difference in how you feel. I find that french manicures leave me feeling very feminine, and delicate. Dark colors make me feel confident. I leave light colors for showing off a tan.

Just remember, you can't feel beautiful when the one thing you look at most is not looking its best.

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